Catalog Number:80000-2



  • Compatibility
Compatible for detecting both molecular and immunoassay
  • Capacity
A high-throughput system analyzes up to 100-200 targets simultaneously in a single well
  • Convenience
Easy to maintain and no fluidic system to reduce the risk of contamination
  • Cost-effectiveness
Multiplexing improves productivity by reducing time, reagent, and sample volume
picode test

πCode Decoding

Optical detection system with no fluidic production

Multiplexing Capacity

Capable of detecting 100-200 targets simultaneously in one well
auto report

Automated Reporting

Automated generating assay reports with no bioinformatics analysis
time and cost effective 140

Time & Cost-Effective

Multiplexing capability saves time, cost, reagents, and sample volume significantly
PlexBioTM 100 Analyzer takes dark field and bright field images. The dark field images, which are used to detect fluorescence signals, are colocalized with the bright field images in order to identify the unique circular patterns imprinted on the πCode MicroDiscs with positive signals. The two images are cross-referenced for the detection of the targets. The system automatically processes result interpretation and deliver result reports in 30 minutes.

Model  PB100
Optics (Excitation) LED
Optics (Detection) CCD imager
A/D resolution 14 bits
Focus Lens 10x magnification
πCode Classification Accuracy ≥ 98%
πCode Recognition Precision (CV) ≤ 2.5%
MFI Precision (CV) ≤ 1.5%
Start-up Time ≤ 15 min
Reading Time 1 well ≤ 50 sec
Dimensions (W×D×H) 27.3 cm (W) x 54 cm (D) x 44.1 cm (H)
Weight 25 kg
Connection USB and Ethernet
Catalog # Name Size
80002 Industrial Computer 1 set
80025 96-well plate 10 plates
80035 IntelliPlexTM Calibration Kit 1 pc
80050 DeXipherTM RUO 1 set
80051 DeXipherTM MD 1 set


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