Catalog Number:80033

IntelliPlex™ 1000 πCode Processor


  • Intuitive 7-inch interface
  • Real-time display of processing status
Adjustable time and temperature for assay incubation
  • Minimization of πCode loss through movable magnetic plate
  • Automatic rinsing prevents tube crystal blocking
Fluorescence Labeling
Automated fluorescence reagent dispensing for πCode signaling
picode test

πCode Processing

Integrated workstation for πCode incubation, washing and fluorescent signaling
precise liquid handling 140

Precise Liquid Handling

Automated 8-channel reagent dispensing and movable magnetic plate for πCode processing
intuitive interface

Intuitive Interface

Real-time display of processing and instinctive interface operation
ease to use

Ease to Use

Simplified operation workflow without additional manual processes
The IntelliPlexTM 1000 πCode Processor is a fully automated workstation designed for  πCodeTM processing. Its 4-in-1 capabilities include πCode MicroDisc hybridization,  washing, incubation, and labeling.  Instrument software includes built-in modes for  PlexBio assays and the ability to program customized molecular or immunoassays on  the 7-inch industrial touchscreen panel.
Model  IW100
Processing time (96 well plate) 3-6.5 minuts (one-time wash)
Shaking Time setting range: 1 sec to 23hr 59min 59sec
Max. rate: 1200 rpm
Incubator Temperature range from RT+5°C to 60°C
Safety Plate position sensor and door sensor
Temperature accuracy ± 0.5°C
Temperature uniformity 1°C
Shaking accuracy ≤ 10%
Dispensing accuracy ≤ ± 6%
Dispensing uniformity ≤ 4% CV
πCode MicroDisc loss  ≥ 75% of MicroDiscs retained after whole washing processes
Residual volume ≤ 5 μl/well
Dimensions (W×D×H) without bottle carrier: 40.8 cm (W) x 54 cm (D) x 47 cm (H)
with bottle carrier: 55.4 cm (W) x 54 cm (D) x 47 cm (H)
Weight 38 kg
Catalog # Name Size
80023 U Tray 100 EA
80024 V Tray 100 EA
80025 96-well plate 10 plates
80220 10X Assay Wash Buffer 100 mL


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