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PlexBio empowers our customers in life science and diagnostic industries by delivering high-quality services to accelerate their research. Our πCode technology and automated solutions not just offer a cost and time savings assay development process but streamline and improve your experimental process as well. Partnering with our expert scientists to make your own customized assays to fulfill your unique needs.

With a decade of expertise in molecular diagnostics, PlexBio stands as your unwavering companion. Dedicated to enhancing efficiency, optimizing resources, and fostering continuous innovation, we streamline processes to save you time, manpower, and costs. Whether it's cancer gene antibodies, therapeutic proteins, or virus detection, PlexBio is your reliable partner in both development and manufacturing. Powered by our core technology, πCode® MicroDiscs, we can assist you in bringing commercial products to fruition. Anticipate superior efficiency, competitive timelines, and exceptional customer service.


Accelerate Your Success with PlexBio's Robust Resource Integration Capabilities

Leverage PlexBio's robust resource integration capabilities to expedite the launch of your new products. Utilize our cutting-edge core technology to create market-ready products, ensuring consistent quality, reliability, and stability through processes such as technology licensing, controlled manufacturing, stringent quality management, clinical verification, and the seamless incorporation of automated manufacturing systems.

Why Choose PlexBio as Your CDMO Partner?

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We possess comprehensive technology patent protection. Through technology licensing, we guarantee that your new products will be safeguarded against commercial threats and unauthorized copying upon their launch.


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As a full-service, ISO-13485:2016 certified manufacturer specializing in In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and Research Use Only (RUO) products, PlexBio is your trusted partner. Rely on our commitment to excellence as we deliver top-tier solutions for your diagnostic and research needs."


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Success is not just a goal; it's a guarantee. Our end-to-end services are meticulously designed to let you easily emerge victorious right from the starting point.


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