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Stellar FFPE RNA Extraction Kit

Stellar FFPE RNA Extraction Kit is designed for automated total RNA extraction from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples using Stellar 96 Sample Concentrator. Kits are available for 96 samples per run starting from one 10µM section of sample input. The optimized protocols using silica magnetic beads offer high yields of pure nucleic acids to be suitable for a variety of downstream applications.
time and cost effective 140

Time & Cost-Effective

Fast procedures for 1-96 samples per run could be processed in 40 minutes
high yield

High Yield, High Purity

Optimized protocol achieves higher and more consistent yields for nucleic acid capture
Reproducibility 140


Deliver reliable data with less inconsistent and variations
ease to use

Ease to Use

Simplified preprogrammed protocols and intuitive interface for operation
The automated nucleic acids extraction procedure is designed to ensure fast, convenient and reproducible handling of 1-96 samples per run. The extraction principles are simply operated in 4 steps: lyse, bind, wash, and elute. All the setup is fast and easy, which saves time efficiently.
Instrument Type Stellar 96
Technology Auto Magnetic Rod
Sample Type Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE)
Sample Amount One 10 µm section
Elution Volume 50-100 uL
Yield -
Processing Time <40 minutes (Sample pre-treatment not included)
Kit Contents
Package Item Size & Quantity
Proteinase K Buffer 2.1mL x1 (Store at 4°C upon arrival)
DNase Buffer 2.1mL x1 (Store at -20°C upon arrival)
Elution Buffer 12 mL x1
Silica Magnetic Beads 21mL x1
Deparaffinization Buffer 16 mL x1
Lysis Buffer 47 mL x1
Wash Buffer 22 mL x2


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