February 10, 2023
Press & Media

PlexBio and Denka as Strategic Partnerships Announced Successful Achievements of the Deepened Collaborations

PlexBio Co., Ltd. and Denka Co., Ltd., the biggest shareholder of PlexBio, together held a press conference to announce successful achievements since Strategic Alliance Ceremony in 2019 and plan to deepen future collaborations into infectious diseases and CDMO projects.

PlexBio has developed “IntelliPlex® Lung Cancer Panel” utilizing the core πCode® technology and successfully completed clinical validations in National Hospitals. “It only takes 6 hours from samples to get the testing report on our πCode® platform, the diagnostic reports could help clinicians make therapy decisions within 24 hours. The system has been successfully introduced into the National Hospital for clinical diagnosis of NSCLC patients and achieved outstanding results .” said Dean Tsao, President of PlexBio.
PlexBio and Denka have built a successful “platform business model” to expand product applications and sales for the current cooperation projects. "Our goal of future collaborations with PlexBio targets on a very important topic, the infectious disease field. PlexBio’s multiple and high-sensitive detection technology could detects targets fast and efficiently. We further cooperate with PlexBio through technology licensing to co-develop fully automatic systems.” Said Hideki Takahashi, the Managing Executive Officer of Life Innovation.

The CDMO business strategy will be the basis for business expansion to access potential target customers in the future. “Healthcare is also our key business unit; it is expected the Life Innovation sector will achieve high growth market in the announced Denka Mission 2030 plan. The collaborations with PlexBio has been positioned as a core strategic and growth allies.” Said Toshio Imai, the president of Denka.

In the future, PlexBio and Denka will keep strengthening the scientific research ability and improve production capacity to develop reliable, cost-effective and convenient diagnostic assays in clinical applications to fulfill the unmet medical needs.



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