June 09, 2023

PlexBio flawlessly demonstrated the Multiplexing Diagnostics platform at Bio Boston 2023

PlexBio utilizes its self-developed "IntelliPrep™ TRIO 240 Sample Preparation System, which initiates a fully automated pre-processing preparation system. This system integrates steps such as sample pre-processing, nucleic acid extraction, quantification, and PCR setup into a single instrument. Coupled with the exclusive IntelliPlex™ platform and patented imaging crystal chip technology (πCode™ MicroDiscs), it not only simplifies the experimental workflow, reduces human errors, and minimizes the risk of cross-contamination but also provides a large amount of genetic testing information through multi-target detection. It enables the achievement of experimental objectives in a faster, simpler, and more precise manner, thereby accelerating the advancement of precision medicine.


Reference: https://news.gbimonthly.com/tw/article/show.php?num=59425


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