May 27, 2022

IntelliPlex Multiplexing Detection Platform Exhibited in the 70th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Chemotherapy

Our majority shareholder, Denka Company Limited, attended the 70th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Chemotherapy in Nagaragawa Convention Center on May 2022. The chairman of the society is the Clinical Infectious Disease Professor of Aichi Medical University Hospital, Dr. Hiroshige Mikamo. The conference society event is aimed to exchange information among professionals and experts in infectious disease field to deliver how the latest chemotherapy technology could benefit the current clinical application and development and to provide better solutions for all Japanese and Japan healthcare development.  

There were about 2,700 physical and online attendees this year. The exhibition topic this year was “Fighting and Symbiosis with Microbes and Inflammation – Looking Back 70 years and Connecting to the Future”. Human beings have been fighting and symbiosis with pathogens for all past years, along with the new therapy and technology development have protected us up to now.

Denka this year exhibited products of POCT Covid-19 Rapid Test and IntelliPlex Multiplexing Detection Platform. The licensed πCode™ Technology (Precision Image Code MicroDisc) from PlexBio and the IntelliPlex™ platform is designed to simultaneously detect multiple infectious disease-related targets, even to detect those novel variant targets accordingly. Only takes 3 hours for report generation which greatly improves the diagnostic efficiency, reduces test costs, and labor savings. 



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