February 07, 2024

PlexBio Showcases Advanced Lung Cancer Detection Technology at Medlab Dubai

PlexBio returned to the Middle East in February 2024, participating in Medlab Dubai, one of the world's largest medical laboratory instrumentation and equipment exhibitions. This event provided an opportunity to tap into the multi-billion dollar cancer detection market. Medlab attracts over 30,000 medical professionals worldwide annually and facilitates partnerships with local medical centers and testing laboratories. PlexBio actively participated again this year to showcase its leading molecular detection technology and solutions, aiming to capture a share of this growing market.

Strong Demand for Cancer Detection in the Middle East Market

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is the second leading cause of death in the Middle East, following cardiovascular disease. In 2020, there were approximately 620,000 new cancer cases in the region, with projections indicating a rise to 820,000 by 2030. Factors such as population aging and lifestyle changes contribute to the increasing incidence of cancer, driving robust growth in demand for detection services. PlexBio's featured products at Medlab included the IntelliPrep™ TRIO 240 Sample Preparation System and the IntelliPlex™ lung cancer detection assay, which impressed attendees. The IntelliPlex™ assay offers highly accurate and efficient detection of lung cancer, aiding physicians in devising optimal treatment plans.


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