Our Technology

PlexBio's proprietary, cutting-edge multiplexing platform uses patented Precision Image Code (PiCode) MicroDisc technology to enable rapid, effecient, cost effective diagnostics.

The Future of Genomic Sequencing

SelectAmp Technology

SelectAmp, a mutation-enriching PCR amplification that dramatically increases mutation detection sensitivities, achievement of sensitivities up to 0.1% is common in many mutation points making this analytic approach ideally suited for liquid biopsy assays.

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Liquid Biopsy

The liquid biopsy approach, which uses blood and other bodily fluids that are more easily obtained, has the benefit of being non-invasive and less expensive than the traditional biopsy approach where samples are removed from the patient surgically or by needle aspiration.

πCode™ Technology

πCode™ (an acronym for Precision Image Code) is a circular disc, manufactured by semi-conductor processes, that is able to generate over 16,000 distinct image patterns for multiplexing applications. 

Multiplexing Workstream

With the explosion of precision medicine the number of available test assays is ever increasing. Multiplexing provides an optimized solution for running multi-assay tests at an affordable cost. Unlike traditional methods, a multiplex assay can provide results for multiple targets in a single reaction, saving time, labor, reagents, tissue samples, and thereby overall reducing laboratory costs.

The Future of Genomic Sequencing