Multiplexing workstream

We make multiplexing with ease a reality. Using our PlexBio™ 1000, multiple πCode MicroDiscs can be pooled together in a single reaction well. For example, there are 40 mutations/targets detected in our IntelliPlex™ EGFR Mutation Kit. Hence, the number of different patterns of πCode MicroDiscs present in that assay is 40.

The assay reaction is followed by hybridization and fluorescent labeling, and then detection by our optical imaging fluorescence analyzer - PlexBio™ 100. The PlexBio™ 100 uses a CCD camera to read the distinct πCode image patterns under bright field and quantifies the target under dark field. PlexBio™ 100 Fluorescent Analyzer measures the fluorescence signal intensity (MFI) releases by each target and provides a comprehensive report in our user-friendly DeXipher software interface.

Multiplexing Products

PlexBio 100 Analyzer

A robust optical imaging system that decodes πCode MicroDiscs through fluorescence detection and high-contrast imaging.

IntelliPlex 1000 πCode Processor

Its 4-in-1 capabilities include πCode MicroDisc hybridization, washing, incubation, and labeling, all in a single, automated, workstation instrument.

DigiPlex Thermocycler

An ideal instrument for PCR amplification and cycler-sequencing applications using 96-well plates.

Other Technologies