• IntelliPlex HPV Genotyping Kit

    The IntelliPlexTM HPV DNA Genotyping Kit is a multiplex hybridization assay that detects and identifies PCR-amplified human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA in cervical specimens. Our HPV screening assay produces clear and reliable results due to its high sensitivity and specificity to HPV DNA, and results can be obtained for up to 96 samples in under 4.5 hours for high-throughput HPV testing.


    IntelliPlexTM HPV Genotyping Kit along with πCode technology can perform multiplex HPV genotyping testing for the identification of 14 HPV high-risk genotypes simultaneously in a single reaction. 14 HPV genotypes include: 16,18,31,33,35,39,45,51,52,56,58,59,66,68

    Features Include:

    • Identifying 14 types of HPV using only ONE well  
    • Sensitivity up to 10~257 copies with high accuracy

    • Low sample input

    • < 6 hrs turnaround time (sample preparation included)

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 Assay Kit IntelliPlex™ HPV Genotyping Kit(96 rxns)

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