Diagnostic Solutions Guide the Way to Key Decisions in Cancer Management 

The more we know about the genomic profiling in cancers, the better we understand how molecular status drives cancer progressions from early prevention, treatment decisions to follow-up care. A comprehensive genomic portfolio helps doctors to access closer to a whole picture of cancers by individuals. In the way to deliver the right treatment at right time to right person making personalized cancer management for precision medicine possible. The innovative solutions we offer are our goal to giving the world for a better healthy life.



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Risk Evaluation

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About Precision Medicine

Different from the traditional “One Treatment Fits All”, the personalized diagnostics helps doctors tailor individual patient’s treatment by its unique genomic profiling. The way of how cancers be evaluated, diagnosed, and treated is now transforming, the right tools to determine optimal strategies is necessary. Our multiplexing technology enables you to detect and analyze those essential molecular characteristics to access personalized healthcare.


The Innovation and Promise of Liquid Biopsies for Cancer Diagnosis


Liquid Biopsy

Liquid biopsy is an emerging minimally invasive approach to overcome limitations in traditional biopsies. The power of liquid biopsy is tracking how a cancer progress over time, and empowering doctors to adjust right treatments at right time accordingly. To fully explore molecular alterations through liquid biopsies, a highly sensitive method from sample collection to detection is necessary. We are committed to develop the leading diagnostic tools in liquid biopsy applications to meet the growing demand for testing.

Liquid Biopsy Related Products

  • Stellar Cell-free DNA Extraction Kit

    Extraction of high yield and high purity cell free DNA from plasma samples 
  • IntelliPlex Lung Cancer Panel- cfDNA

    Qualitative identification of 74 mutations from 8 driver genes using plasma samples
  • IntelliPlex Lung Cancer Panel- cfRNA

    Qualitative identification of 28 RNA fusion variants from 5 driver genes using plasma samples