PlexBio Expands Collaboration with Denka to Co-Develop an Infectious Disease Diagnostic System

PlexBio Co., Ltd.


Taipei, Taiwan – January 25, 2018 – PlexBio Co., Ltd. announced today that it plans to expand its collaboration agreement with Denka Co., Ltd. to include a new program to co-develop a molecular diagnostic system for Infectious Disease testing using PlexBio’s proprietary multiplex πCode™ MicroDisc technology. The initial focus for the diagnostic system will be for developing Sepsis and Multi-Drug Resistance tests (MDR), but a full menu of Infectious Disease assays (ID) will be planned as part of the announced program. The co-development program complements the technology license and joint-development agreements in place between the two companies.

Sepsis and Multi-Drug Resistance continue to be two of the major challenges to be resolved within the healthcare delivery segment for improvements in diagnosing and preventing infectious disease. The availability of a high-efficiency and high-accuracy system for rapid pathogenic microorganism identification, which has the capability to profile potential antimicrobial resistance, will be a major step to improving patient treatment and speeding recovery. Current diagnosis methods for Sepsis rely primarily on culture methods which are labor-and time-intensive. With the addition of subsequent drug resistance analysis, the overall diagnostic protocol usually takes 2 days or longer to complete. The announced program will specifically target this need through the co-development of a diagnostic system with faster and more sensitive detection for ID and MDR.

PlexBio’s πCode™ MicroDisc technology is currently the largest multiplexing platform commercially available, capable of generating over 16,000 circular image patterns. Each image pattern corresponds to an individual target which can be detected simultaneously via the advanced optical imaging and fluorescence reading. Virtually any probe used in clinical diagnostics can be conjugated to πCode MicroDiscs, including DNA, RNA. antigens, antibodies, proteins, or chemical compounds. By using this higher order multiplexing platform, PlexBio is able to offer highly sensitive and specific results for both immuno and molecular diagnostic formats from very low input sample volumes - which saves time and labor.

The co-development program is part of Denka’s overall business initiative called “Denka Value Up,” a new management plan which targets accelerating growth in selected business sectors from fiscal 2018 to fiscal 2022. With a focus on prevention and early diagnosis, Denka plans to expand this initiative into the fields of oncology and other molecular diagnostic areas. Since the signing of the initial technology licensing agreement between PlexBio and Denka in September 2016, Denka, in close collaboration with PlexBio, has moved progressively to incorporate PlexBio’s πCode™ MicroDisc technology into a number of product development applications. The new co-development program is projected to contribute significant revenue from ID and MDR testing starting from the planned introduction year of 2022.

About Denka Co., Ltd.: The company established in 1915, manufactures and supplies chemical products globally across a wide range of fields. With its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, Denka expands its business into five sectors, including Denka Seiken, a subsidiary under Denka’s Life Innovative Division, responsible for the manufacture of vaccines and diagnostic reagents in various areas, including bacteriology, virology, clinical chemistry, and immunochemistry.

About PlexBio Co., Ltd.: The company established in May 2010, designs, develops and manufactures IVD products and instrumentation from its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan and its affiliate location in Jiangsu Province, China. PlexBio has also established an Innovative Technology Center in South San Francisco, CA, USA. The company is a listed company at Taiwan emerging stock market.

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